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I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Studies, at the University of Pretoria, majoring in English, Visual Communication and Art History.

Working with people, particularly children, has always been a passion of mine, compelling me to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), through the University of Pretoria, where I focussed specifically on English and language teaching.

After university, I moved into the school educational environment, teaching learners from Grade 4 up to Grade 10.  I have always had a particular interest in educational psychology and have furthered my studies in the field of psychology.


The fields of psychology and teaching have always fascinated me and I have done further courses to develop the skills to merge these two fields. 

Renowned psychologists, Dr Susan Kriegler and Dr Susan Roets, have developed a program, Cribnotes, which focuses on optimising an individual’s study ability and techniques. I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this program and was one of the first accredited Cribnotes facilitators to complete the program.   


The fundamentals of learning start with reading and spelling and developing these skills within young learners.  

In order to gain additional experience specifically focussed on teaching these fundamentals, I completed the Phono-Graphix® reading and spelling program. 

I am an accredited reading and spelling therapist in both, English and Afrikaans.

Classrooms have become bigger and the pressure on learners to excel, even at a young age, is constantly growing in a highly competitive environment.

My sessions strive to focus on individual learner needs and seeks to empower learners with the confidence and skills to develop more effective and efficient study habits and techniques, thereby promoting the development of a more confident and balanced individual learner.

In 2017, I discovered a fun and unique course called Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.), designed by Gordon Training International. P.E.T. is an eight-session course that I highly recommend to any parent or teacher that wishes to optimise their communication and relation skills with their children or pupils. I am a certified P.E.T. instructor and I offer quarterly or one-on-one courses.


University of Pretoria: Bachelor of Arts (Visual Studies)

University of Pretoria: Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Cribnotes facilitator

Phono-Graphix® reading and spelling therapist

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Facilitator