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The Cribnotes Programme is focussed on helping learners improve study effectiveness, confidence, and a passion for achieving study goals.


The program focuses on simple, but effective, study methods that assist learners to develop easy memorising techniques, as well as strategies for effective time management, goal setting and the essential organisational skills needed for a successful study environment. 

The Cribnotes Programme uses study methods that empower learners of all ages with the vital tools they need, enabling them to take control of their study responsibilities. 

During my school year I was a national swimmer and I never had the tools or the guidance to develop a balanced focus on my sport and academic responsibilities. Today there is an immense amount of pressure on learners to achieve, not only on the sports field, but also academically or culturally. 

These demands are tough on learners who do not often have the tools to cope with these demands. Cribnotes looks to teach learners how to study effectively and how to make studying a fun activity.  


Self-confidence is crucial to the success of a learner. The Cribnotes Programme helps strengthen self-confidence in learners in order to allow them to reach their full potential. 


Developing these tools and habits from a young age assists learners to cope with the changing demands and environments as they progress from Primary school to High school and eventually from High school to university, or a work environment.

Through various relaxation and focus techniques, we teach learners how to manage study stress and the fear and anxiety learners often face before exams. 

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